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Jquery and Epages

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  • Jquery and Epages

    how to insert jquery external file only in one page of the web, not in whole website

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    It is possible to insert jquery code in all text fields, right where you can add some html code (click on the source button above any text area). However we do not recommend this, and we cannot guarantee that adding this type of content won't produce any issue on your shop.


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      Thanks for the reply and I know it can be dangerous to add an external file with jquery, but I would still like to know how I can do it.
      I have tried adding a script to an epages file manager folder to load it globally and I have had no problems.
      But the vast majority of Jquery functions do not work or are disabled.
      Even native javascript functions like split () do not work.
      I am also trying to add external scripts to individual pages but I have not succeeded.
      I am desperate and I need it in my work and Stratos has no idea. I need some help thanks.


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        Der Epages E-Commerce, mit dem ich arbeite, hat eine jquery Version von 1.10.2


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          Could you please write exactly what you want to your provider (Strato) and specifically request to be forwarded to ePages? This way we can take a closer look and provide the right answer.
          Thank you


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            i don't get the point by this.
            you could simply use script src="where ever sthe file is"

            i do the same with angular on a separate nodejs Server, so it works.

            cdn and so one will not work, because you have to wrap the hole code inside
            (function ($) {
            $(document).ready(function () {


            but i think you problem is in other one, because split and so one works just fine.
            maybe check your browser?