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SEO and Logo with link to frontpage

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  • SEO and Logo with link to frontpage


    I'm newbie here at forum, and am doing the SEO according to new updated SEO-feature in epages, and I have only 25% of optimizing done. So now I'm working on all the tasks to make it better.

    I want to know about the "Logo with link" -task. I have not added the logo Element, but have added a logo in a HTML-texbox to the top navigation bar, so it is actually in every page.

    QUESTION: Will the SEO be better if I add the logo-Element vs. a logo in HTML-textbox?

    You can see my site at:

    Thanks for help in advance guys!
    Happy e-pages customer.

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    Dear Risto,

    i have forwarded your request to our SEO specialists and will come back to you when i got an answer.

    kind regards


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      Hi Risto,

      the important thing is that you have a logo on the top of your page that links to your start page. It doesn't matter whether you use our standard logo page element or created an own custum page element for this. But the Backoffice SEO check can only look for the standard element, so we then would have to ignore the warning message in the SEO check.

      best regards
      Sebastian Lange
      Software Engineer | R&D SEO Expert
      ePages GmbH