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  • Preview of web site


    Really new to the e.pages community but very eager to learn the ropes.

    Forgive maybe a daft question but how do I preview what I am doing because when I press preview I get a error saying page does not exist. It clearly does not exist as a live web because the setup says and not Please advise on the general procedure of review offline of the pages as would be viewed by my customers.

    I apologies if the answer is staring me in the face as I learn the interface of e.pages

    Best Regards


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    Hi geoff,

    Thank you for your post and please excuse the late answer.
    At the moment, you can't see a preview of your changes when the shop is closed.
    These feature will be available at ePages 6.14.x and is registered with the feature ID EPG-4085.
    So, now you have to open your shop to see the changes.



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      I have a word of advice. Change your website to (and not You should be able to do this yourself somewhere in the 123-Reg Control Panel.

      If you do this then all your webpages will be indexed correctly by Google with the www prefix. I've no idea why 123-Reg seem to set up their eshops automtically with the shop prefix.