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Request productreview after product is send!

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  • Request productreview after product is send!

    Dear epages,

    We use the productreview setting in our shop.
    The request for the review is set xx-days after the order is placed.

    Sometimes a products has a longer delivery time and some orders are cancelled, but the customer still gets the request for the productreview!

    Is it possible to set the request xx-days after the product is send???

    Now we have to use a period of 14 days to be sure the product is deliverd while we prefere a shorter period!

    Gr. Mick

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    This would require to look into very details of the order. Currently we look at the order itself - the date. In your case we would have to look into the order, then look for an invoice and there for the date of delivery. But ther could be more than one invoices per order! Then we'd have to distinguish every single product and the customer would receive several e-mails per order - maybe annoying.
    Mario Riess
    Senior Vice President R&D + Consulting
    ePages GmbH