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Restructuring of the cross-selling / Neustrukturierung Cross-Selling

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  • Restructuring of the cross-selling / Neustrukturierung Cross-Selling

    I would like to restructure my cross selling.
    I thought of the following procedure:
    I export all products.
    I export the current cross-selling.
    I export the current category product assignment.
    I delete all products.
    I import the products again.
    Then I import the category product assignment.
    Then I import the new cross-selling.
    Can something go wrong here?
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Kind regards Stefan from Andere Spielwaren von

    ich möchte meine Cross-Sellings neu strukturieren.
    Folgende Vorgehensweise habe ich mir ausgedacht:
    Ich exportiere alle Produkte.
    Ich exportiere das aktuelle Cross-Selling.
    Ich exportiere die aktuelle Kategorie-Produkt-Zuweisung.
    Ich lösche alle Produkte.
    Ich importiere die Produkte wieder.
    Danach, importiere ich die Kategorie-Produkt-Zuweisung.
    Danach importiere ich das neue Cross-Selling.
    Kann hier etwas schiefgehen?
    Vielen Dank für euer Feedback.
    Gruß Stefan von Andere Spielwaren von

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    Obviously you would test this procedure before trying but you'd still be a braver person than me. I don't think I could bring myself to press the delete key and "delete all products". I've got 100s like you.

    Having said that, the cross-selling feature is very important yet I find it very tedious to use. I wonder if epages can produce a more user-friendly and less time-consuming system?


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      Dear Graeme,
      Thank you for the encouraging words.
      But is the way OK?
      Thank you very much for your efforts.
      Best regards

      Hallo Graeme,
      danke für die aufmunternden Worte.
      Aber ist die Methode in Ordnung?
      Vielen Dank für dein Mühe.
      Best regards


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        a more user-friendly and less time-consuming system?
        I too would appreciate a more efficient method for the cross-selling section. It was at least helpful, if the short descriptions of products could be saved in the products themselves and were overtaken into the cross-selling automatically. Of course, with the possibility to edit them, if necessary. - Although I'd imagine that "just" making a new field visible is quite a lot more than "just" this


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          I'm not that brave, too . But I actually don't understand why you are going to delete all your products if you just wonna reorganize the cross-selling? Don't you have all relevant and necessary information in the cross-seeling csv chart?

          edit: Indeed, I do understand ...


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            @ Ingrid
            If you create a new product cross-selling assignment for a product via csv, the old mapping will not be overwritten.
            In other words, you must delete the old cross-selling assignment for a product manually.
            Best regards


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              Sure. I realized that a little later (kind of two-step thinking ).
              Your solution looks logically to me (don't hold me liable for that....). But what about price lists (Produktrabatte)? What happens to this table (if not empty) when you delete your products?

              I am much interested how things are gong on and to hear about your experience. Hopefully you will report here about.


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                @ Ingrid

                Unfortunately I can't give you an positive answer. I do not work with price lists.

                @ All

                Is the procedure above practicable?

                Thank you all for your efforts.
                Best regards Stefan


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                  Hi Community,
                  no more ideas.
                  Thankk you very much for you efforts.
                  Best regards

                  habe ihr noch weitere Ideen?
                  Danke für Euere Mühe.
                  Gruß Stefan