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Accumulated discounts

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  • Accumulated discounts

    I have some customers in my shop that purchase at a discounted rate. When I discount some products, they get an additional discount due to having a discount already associated to their account. How can I make it so that discounts do not accumulate?

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    Hi, I'm facing the same "problem". Well, it's not actually a problem. You only need to organize it with customer groups and price lists (menu pricing). If this doesn't help, just tell me and I will try to explain more detailed.


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      Yeah, if you could explain it a bit more detailed it would be great.


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        Hi JMP,

        I am on version 6.12.3 of the software. As fas as I remember, lower versions have the features as well.

        Anyhow, check it before. You need
        customers -> customer groups
        products -> price lists

        In general, I have a customers group "Standard". It's the group where all new customers are put in by the software, kind of everybody's group. Accordingly, I create a price list with a similar name, let's say standard_pricelist or so.We use this price list for bulk discounts. If you want to discount a specific product, go to this product, select the tab pricing. Here you can make all changes and choose the appropriate price lis (here standard_pricelist) from the drop down list above the pricing information. This means, that the discount applies to this group only.

        Next you have to create a customer group for your special discounted customers. Same thing as above, just a new group with a "speaking" name. If you don't go to step one and choose this price list for the product discount, these customers won't get the discount.

        The only thing with this method may occur when your special discounted customers see the product discount. They acutally do when they watch the product while not being signed in. You might to have explain that.

        Hopefully my explanation is clear enough . Else, let's start over.



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          I can not get it to work.

          Either I did not explain myself correctly or I cant figure it out. LOL

          My dilema... I have product X with a regular retail price of 100€. In my store I have regular customers and then some customers get a 10% discount. These ¨special¨ customers I have under ¨discounted group¨ and this group receives that 10%. So now I have product X which I want to put on sale for a price of 80€ but I dont want the ¨discounted group¨ to get an additional 10% off. But no matter what I do, the discount still applies to the price of 80€.

          Thanks for all your help by the way.


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            I see, you have customer groups. But did you check first if you can create price lists (see above)? If so, you will be fine - else, I'm afraid, not. Maybe you should post a screenshot from the products page where to set the discounts.

            If all these things are okay, did you refresh the cache with the red arrow on top of page?


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              I can create price lists, and yes I have refreshed the cache.


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