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Amazon Integration

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  • Amazon Integration

    I have set up an Amazon Pro Merchant account. When I go in to Product Portals - Amazon and enter my Merchant login, Password and Merchant token (all of which I have checked, checked and checked again!) and click the Save button as per the instructions it will not save the information. Instead I get the warning triangle stating "Incorrect access data" and "Please correct your login details". Why? Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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    EPages can you please help on this? Its costing me money to have an Amazon Account that at the moment is useless to me as the epages shop will not integrate with it! I am happy to provide ANY information you need just ask :-)


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      I've got the same problem! could anyone help?


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        Perhaps this will help?

        From 16 January, new traders are no longer able to use the new Amazon interface until it is upgraded to version 6.13.2 provider.
        Background: Amazon has switched to a new interface. All customers who have been using the old interface are not affected by 08.Okt.2012. All the dealers are the interface have not previously been converted to use the new interface.
        A fix for it, it will be with the ePages version 6.13.2. When this is rolled out from your provider, please ask your provider.
        If they still want to use Amazon, please contact Amazon to use the old interface can be.
        These are accessible via the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) through this contact form:
        Select "Solution Provider" from the drop-down menu and enter the following information:
        - What are the interface used by the dealer? , SOAP oderr AIM (in our case, SOAP)
        - Seller name
        - Email address of the main customers
        - Customer ID
        - Country
        - Your company name
        - Name of contact person

        kind regards


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          Hi Alex,

          Thanks for the reply. I am with who I believe are running 6.12.3. So even though I am unable to enter the login, password and merchant details to upload products this is all down to the new interface from Amazon? Can you confirm that please?