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more flexible Shopping basket discount

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  • more flexible Shopping basket discount

    Hi, we hope that epages can develop a more flexible Shopping basket discount.

    Today its calculated on the whole basket value, although some products have other types of discounts (volume) and
    others have a list price above the basket discount limit, which means that its an automatic discount after clicking the buy button.

    We are current running epages 5 and have adjusted our version so products can be excluded from the discount but still be included in the shopping basket value.

    We are evaluating an upgrade to the new epages 6.xx. It would be great if this could be a standard function.

    I think this feature was mentioned in an earlier epages roadmap last year. Why has it been cancelled ?
    epages 5 user

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    To exclude products from basket discount is still on our wish list and it seems to become real. The current plan is version 6.16 which is summer 2013.
    Mario Riess
    Senior Vice President R&D + Consulting
    ePages GmbH