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    Text product-attributes

    Dear community,

    I am starting with an ePages trial and checking I can do all that we require.

    So far everything is fine, but I am stock do not know how to get the following:

    I have defined product attributes such size and colour, and customer is able to choose the size and colour of a t-shirt from the shop, but I would also like the customer to be able to specify a name or sentence that we print on the t-shirt. I have used several types of attribute fields (text, customer options, ..) they are defined OK but they do not appear on the product page. I was expecting to see that attribute just below size and color but it is not there.

    Any clue of what I am doing wrong?

    Many thanks.

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    working at ePages
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    Dear nachodum,

    the customizing of products is a new feature from ePages 6.14. which will start to rollout in Q3/2012.
    For the rollout date of your provider, please contact your provider directly.

    best regards
    Alexander Pribicin
    Community Manager
    ePages GmbH

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    Dear Alex,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Does anyone know any workaround to do this?

    I need to allow the customer select the size, color and a free text when they add a product to the shopping card.

    Any idea will be appreciated.


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    working at ePages
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    There are two ways some of our customers are doing that:
    1. They require the end-customer to put the text into the order comment field (on the basket page) OR
    2. They contact the end-customer via e-mail to ask for images/texts right after the order confirmation e-mail came in.

    But of course: The feature Alex mentioned above (in ePages 6.14) is much better, e.g. the end-customer can design her/his text (bold, colour etc.) and you can limit the length and so on...
    Mario Riess
    Chief Technology Officer
    ePages GmbH

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