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    Google Checkout

    I've set up a Google Checkout account and would like some help and guidance to be able to integrate it into the Shopping Basket as a Payment Method. My default is Paypal Express which has been easy to set up.

    My immediate problem is when I try and add Google Checkout into my Payment Method list, there is no "type" that says Google Checkout - so basically it won't let me add it to the list. Anyone know why it's not there ?

    Many thanks,


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    can you send me your shop url?


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    The shop is closed at the moment, but will be going live on Friday (hopefully) -

    and I have web forwarding set up from HydroSilver - Mineral Solutions

    thanks, hope you can help

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    in your shop type is GoogleCheckout as Payment method not available.


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    Thanks. I've now upgraded to the next level and Google Checkout is now working, plus I can also offer discounts too, and issue Newsletters. Brilliant.

    All I need to do now is integrate the shop with Adwords. I've used Adwords before, but does anyone have any specific tips to improve Quality Scores etc by writing code etc directly in ePages ?

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