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    contact form - add new fields

    I want to use the contact form in my website but the standard one is to simple and I need to add new fields, is that possible?

    Thank you for your help

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    Hi Lidia,

    Adding new fields to the contact form is not possible at the moment. It's planned for an later version of ePages, but i can't say when it is available.
    But you can have a look into this forum, there are many posts regarding this topic.

    Please notice: For self-made forms you have to use own CSS Code, which we do not support.
    Perhaps this Post will help you:
    blödes .-) kontaktformular auf "du" umgestellt und "und tel. rückruf" entfernt . . ..
    If you want, you can translate it via the "select language" button in the top of the posts.


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    Hi Alex,

    thank you for your answer!
    I'll look for a different solution to get the contact information that I need...


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    Hello, you can create a custom contact form in Google Docs. I have used it in the past in a blog.

    Just did a quick search for a guide for you... Guide

    Hope this Helps.



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    Hi Lidia,

    I'm sorry, but the post i recommend to you should be a link. Here is the Post with the correct link: http://community.epages.com/german-o...-entfernt.html

    I hope this will help

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    Thank you (both of you!)


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