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    Paypal Checkout Issue

    We are experiencing a problem with the checkout system - when customers click on the 'place order' button then all that happens is that there is an error screen which reads:

    'An error occurred during processing.

    Details about this error are available at the number below in the log file on the server.


    (or PayPalExpressFailed:4F6B3044-B5C7-BF6A-1F7F-C0A8190CBEED or
    PayPalExpressFailed:4F6B3273-7C0E-CD90-511A-C0A8190BF290 etc..)

    This error happens regardless of whether we use paypal express or paypal standard.

    However the system appears to work fine if they click on the 'checkout with paypal' icon rather than going through the epages checkout. Similarly if we use the 'test connection' in the payment settings then it says that the connection was successfully established.l

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    Dear crazydragon,

    we need some additional information to help you.
    Please provide your shop-url and your provider to us.

    thanks in advance

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    The url is crazydragonbooks.co.uk and the provider is namesco.


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    Dear crazydragon.

    Thank you for your fast answer
    At Friday i was transfering this issue to our 2nd Level support.
    The ticket-ID is 425-180.
    If i have any news, i will post them here.


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    Dear crazydragon,

    i've got an answer from our 2nd Level support, but the error message seems to be generated quite long time ago because they can't find it in the current logs.
    But her guess is that there's something wrong with the address information (country, zip ...).

    I want to repdroduce the error now, but I can see only one payment method on your site: google checkout. I can't see the "place order" button.
    Shall this be correct?

    regards Alex

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    We had disabled paypal but I have now put it back up for you.

    I have generated this error code in the last few minutes :


    We have tried a variety of different names and addresses and always get an error message so we don't think it is to do with the address information.


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