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    How do I get rid of error: MANUAL_MERCHANT_LOGIN_NOT_ALLOWED:

    Hi all,

    I need help.

    I created a new user administrator who will manage the site together
    with me and, so far, so good: I have assigned a user name and
    password, an email; in short, all the required fields.

    My question is this: once released from the user, how do you identify?
    That is, that section of the control panel you must enter your
    username and password?

    According to the help of the control panel:


    Page: Options >> User management >> Administrators
    All users are administrators who are registered on their website and
    can work on it. "

    We have tried to identify with these data in the store directly and I
    get this error:

    "There was an error during the process.

    Details on this error under the following number in the server log

    4F0EBED7-C33B-000B-524B-AC10141868B0 "

    Greetings and thanks for the help

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    H nextia,

    do you activate the new user?


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    User/Administrator activated

    Yes, I activated the username through the drop down menu and executed my choice, cleared coockies of my web-browser and temporary files; no success.

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    Hmm. could you please provide me temporarly access to your MBO (include the URL) ?
    You can send it via PM to me if you want, than i can have a look to this issue.
    Thanks in advance


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    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, but it has now been resolved by the shop service provider; It was found that despite changing the password for the new user (shop administrator) changes were not applied, leaving the default password. Thank you for your time looking into it.

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