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    123-REG ESHOP DNS and web forwarding


    I am confused, i do not know which DNS to point my domain to. Ecommerce or web forward.

    i own the domain with 123
    I have a shop at shop.domain.co.uk

    i also have a forwarder set , so that if people goto Sedo - The world's leading domain marketplace they get forwarded to shop.domain.co.uk

    I originally had this set to ecommerce dns, and I was able to update the site, and view it fine, but noone else on a different machine was!

    So now i set it to the web forward DNS and now noone including me can get on :P


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    working at ePages
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    Dear coolpot,

    perhaps this is a question, you better ask to 123 reg?

    Alexander Pribicin
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    ePages GmbH

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    My name is Nerys and I work for 123 Reg.

    So that I can give you some further advice can you supply your domain name? I will then be able to investigate your settings and help get everything working.


    Nerys ecommerce website

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