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    Domain name


    I need your experience / point of view.

    My website uses a 'general html home page' ( which links to the different local (by language) ePages home pages under domain I did this in the past because a former version of ePages did not let this possibility.

    I'm wondering whether that would be better now to use the SOUND 7 - Innovative Sound & Light Solutions domain for my whole website. I know I will have to modify all my pages links and other external links. But do you think that would be more efficient for SEO or user browsing as example.

    Thank your for your opinion.

    Kind regards,
    SOUND 7
    Innovative Sound & Light Solutions

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    No point of view or experience to share about this???

    I've got also another request about this : it possible with ePages to create an introduction page (to select language for ex.) before the eshop home page itself. For visitors who came at least one time and access website with main URL (ex. in our case) : will they go through this introduction page or will they directly access eshop home page?

    Thank you & Kind regards,
    SOUND 7
    Innovative Sound & Light Solutions

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